At Central Business, identifying critical and precious minerals is at the core of our expertise. We provide access to purchasing and supply sources while advising on the best market entry options. Our advisors build investment strategies with your expected gains in mind. Our valuation and cost-estimation parameters enable us to provide solid advice on pursuing the right projects for your goals.

We additionally assist in leveraging mining projects and exploration as our management team is comprised of experts with supervision skills on the field.


Our experience in the oil and gas industry enables us to provide accurate advice on investment and supply trading decisions. Our experience in hydrocarbon exploration enables us to provide industry-specific advice to our clientele. Our team of engineers provide deep insight into project supervision, exploration recommendations, environmental precaution and field quality control.


Our partnerships with solar experts enable us to provide extensive advice on solar power system projects. We provide access to industry insights for our clients to improve their operations and scale. Our team is dedicated to providing the required expertise in terms of site identification and project feasibility, meteorological data analysis, due diligence and project development schemes.

Distribution and Logistics

At CB, we leverage our global network to provide deep industry knowledge in the middle market. We connect our investors with distributors for strategic purchase and optimizing their entire value chain. Our distribution and logistics framework drives larger returns and creates more room for growth in your overall business model.

Risk management is a complementary service to our logistics strategy. This includes assessing risk and safety protocols for all stages of extraction and exploration. We review strategic alternatives to secure your distribution and logistics operations.