CB Precious Metal Consultancy

CB is an independent precious metals consultancy firm experienced in advising clients based on thorough field research and market expertise.

Our advisers are specialists in a wide range of sectors including minerals, hydrocarbon, energy and solar. We believe in maximising your profitable outcome through accurate market analysis.

We hone a wide network of specialists on a global scale as we accrue insights on the ground. We additionally connect potential investors with prominent market figures and traders as we open our resources to our clientele.

We focus on precious metal asset classes with a combined experience of over 30 years. Our expertise ranges from identifying lucrative projects and supply sources to proper exploration management strategies and geological data.

CB News is our way of sharing real-time information on the state of world affairs that may potentially affect metal markets. We strive to use our collective knowledge to generate deeper insights and make data-driven decisions on every investment for our exclusive clientele.